I see you, Mama!​

I see you snagging bite sized scriptural encouragement on the go, struggling to remember what you’re learning, and losing touch with the deep roots of faith you cultivated before the sweet, exhilarating, exhausting, overwhelming, sanctifying days of motherhood came barreling into your life. ​
I see you, because I’m there too. I have fought hard to stay close to the Lord when these days filled with nursing, playing, correcting, teaching, loving, and guiding these little ones has threatened to squelch any flame of faith once kindled in my heart. ​
I see you, mama. Let’s stick together. Let’s let God’s word land like kindling on our tired faith to re-ignite the spark that will impact our homes and communities for God’s kingdom. ​

I'm so glad you're here.​

I’m Leslie, a follower of Jesus, wife to my handsome hubby, and mom to my two beautiful babies.

I believe that this motherhood thing is the job of a lifetime, but I also have experienced the tension of everything changing and nothing making sense as you learn to navigate your spiritual life as a family instead of just as an individual. I also know that the stakes are simply too high to settle for a long season of letting our faith lie fallow as we wait for life to “ease-up.”

And so, I’m still with you, figuring it out too! In this space you will not find words of hindsight-graced wisdom, but you will certainly have a friend who is in the thick of it with you—striving to “take hold of the eternal life to which we have been called.”

My prayer for Mothering by Faith is that we will find encouragement to walk the imperfect walk of life and faith, and together we’ll be encouraged to bring the light of Christ to our children and communities.

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