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Breath Prayer: A Spiritual Practice for Weary Moms

Breath Prayer

Mariel is a fellow Hope*Writer, a mom of 2 teenage boys, and faithful believer. She writes with passion for the word of God because she was brought to faith by reading the book of Genesis as a young mom and atheist.

She hosts a “Tending Tuesday” on her blog each week where she features like-minded writers to share their experiences with spiritual practices and engaging with God.

For my Tending Tuesday contribution, I’ll be continuing our series: Spiritual Practices for Weary Mamas.

Last week I shared 3 mindsets for weary mamas to hold when engaging in spiritual practices, and this week I’m sharing one specific practice that has been so lifegiving for me in this season!

Breath Prayer

Breath prayer is not a new spiritual practice, but it’s gaining traction in Christian circles again as we come back around to understanding the mind-body connection.

On a physical level, breath calms our central nervous system and reignites connection with our pre-frontal cortex: the part of our brain responsible for rational decision making, impulse control, and managing emotional reactions. 

On a spiritual level, breath prayer brings pieces of scriptural truth into focus when we need it most. Breath prayer can be done during quiet moments with a cup of coffee or tea cradled in your hands, but I’ve found this specific practice to be most lifegiving right in the thick of life. 

It comes in handy when my emotional tank is low, when I’ve given beyond my capacity, when my toddler is having one of those days where she won’t stop screaming, when my baby won’t sleep. These moments of motherhood are the ones that threaten to turn off the prefrontal cortex activity, and shift down into the lower and more instinctive parts.

Read: the moments when I am about to completely lose it. 

I desire to parent my children mindfully and intentionally, knowing that their moments of immaturity are natural and normal parts of the parenting gig. That’s why breath prayer gives me so much life. It addresses the needs of both body and spirit so that I can stay grounded in my values no matter what the chaos ensuing around me might be.

You can also download these breath prayer prompts I created to give you a place to start. The Bible Study in our email list this Friday will include some additional scripture prompts, some guidance on connecting with God during this practice, and a quick 5-minute audio guided meditation to save for the next time you need breath prayer and you have your AirPods handy.

If you follow me on Instagram, I’ll hopefully be letting you all into the chaos a bit and leading us together into mindful spiritual practice right in the thick of this week.

I’d love for you to let me know in the comments below: Have you ever tried breath prayer? What was it like? Let’s chat! 

In the thick of it with you,

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