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Plant a Kiss: A book review

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A clever and fun read, Plant a Kiss has quickly become one of my favorite stories to read with my children! It is full of theological realities, and captures some very “in the thick of it,” experiences of being a true light-bringer in the kingdom of God.


The book starts with a girl, “Little Miss,” planting a kiss. I think one of the most fun parts of this book is the ambiguity it leaves, as that it opens a whole wide world of interpretation. What exactly does it mean to “plant a kiss?” Well, the book leaves it to us to interpret.


Quickly Little Miss realizes that her kiss planting will not result in immediate gratification. She waits, she doubts, she pouts– much like us as humans when we try to give a little love to the world around us and don’t see the fruit right away.


However, eventually the kiss DOES sprout, and she is immediately inspired to share it. Those gathered around, however, discourage her from doing so. In a clever representation of a true “scarcity mindset,” they exclaim that if she shares the fruit of her planted kiss, the plant will surely go bare!


Luckily, Little Miss is not phased by the naysayers and she begins to share the fruit of her planted kiss here, there, and everywhere without regard to the bowl’s contents running out. As she tips the last of the fruit out to those she is spreading the love to, she returns to the site of her planted kiss to find the plant flourishing with new fruit– endless bliss!

Truthfully, as I read this book I am reminded of all the times I have despaired at the difficulties of being a light-bringer. I have felt the frustration of waiting and waiting to see fruit. I identify with the naysayers who believe the fruit is too scarce and too rare to be shared with others. I believe fully in the truth that if we do share the light and life of a “planted kiss,” there will be more and more love-filled fruit to go around and fill the whole earth!

This book is a short and easy read for the young ones– even my 16 month old loves it– but full of the realities of life to be shared with children up through elementary school years! I highly recommend snagging a copy, and opening your home to the conversations about the realities, struggles, and ultimate victory of sharing love to the world around us.

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